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Congratulations to the Everest faculty and staff who celebrated work anniversaries this year. The Everest faculty and staff gathered to congratulate them as well as to bid farewell to Mr. Hellner and Mrs. Keusch who are retiring! Have a safe and blessed summer!

  • For 5 years at Everest:
    • Mrs. Hess
    • Mrs. Mazure
    • Miss Mellis
  • For 10 years at Everest:
    • Mr. Haezebrouck
    • Mr. Mitchell
    • Mr. Nguyen
    • Mrs. Nielson
  • For 15 years at Everest:
    • Mr. DeLisle
    • Mr. Maslowsky
  • For 25 years at Everest:
    • Mrs. Radich
    • Miss Wildrick
    • Mr. Reichert