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Academic Excellence

By fostering a love of learning and focusing on developmentally-appropriate skills and habits, students develop a wealth of knowledge and an ability to think critically and communicate clearly.

At Everest, our small class sizes give your child the opportunity for personalized learning and individual attention, while our co-ed campus and multicultural boarding students prepares them to be leaders in a global world.

Small Class Size

Single-Gender Formation

Co-Ed Campus

What Sets An Everest Education Apart?

At Everest, we believe academic achievement is multi-dimensional and encompasses more than just knowledge. The development of good personal habits and strong skills, including discipline, perseverance, and always doing quality work, create a foundation for success throughout their school years.

Integral Formation provides context for your child’s academic achievement, linking their intellectual development to the growth of their spirit and character.

The entire academic and social culture of the school works to provide an environment in which students make connections between what they learn and the way they live, in light of a coherent Catholic-Christian worldview that’s enlightened by truth.

Early Years

Our early years programming, from ages 1-6, helps your child transition away from home life and develop a real love for learning. Our talented teachers serve as guides to their exploration and discovery as they become curious young learners.

Academy (K-8)

Through elementary and middle school, the Everest curriculum cultivates confident, responsible, engaged students. Across core academics and electives, students practice independent study skills and public speaking.

Middle school students group

High School

Here, students are empowered to think critically and integrate Christ-centered principles into their decision-making, preparing them to be responsible, ethical, global citizens. A college-prep curriculum includes honors and Advanced Placement classes and numerous electives.

Student Life at Everest

Learn more about student life at Everest, with age-appropriate activities, sports, fine arts, and more.

Spiritual Life at Everest

Students have opportunities to express their faith and grow in their love of Christ at Everest.