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International students group in front of bus

Welcome to Everest's International Program

A year at Everest provides more than just a chance to learn English fluently. It’s a priceless opportunity for your child to gain independence, experience a new culture, and create lifelong friendships, as they grow academically and spiritually.

English-Language Fluency

International students live and study in an English-speaking world. By the end of the school year, they can read, write, speak, and spell fluently. 

Teachers are specifically trained in mixed-language classroom instruction. Students take English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to help them improve their vocabulary, reading fluency, speaking and listening skills, and comprehension. 

Students take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), the language yardstick for acceptance of international students into American universities, before the end of the school year.

International student collage

A Uniquely American Experience

Everest is unique by offering a complete school year experience, including school-organized trips during holiday breaks.

Each day of your child’s year at Everest is truly an American experience. Through our unique blend of residential life and attendance at the day school with American students, your children are fully immersed in sports, clinics, weekend outings, and trips.

High school students have special opportunities to participate in classic American high school activities, including homecoming, school dances, and the powderpuff football game for girls.

Everest has a comprehensive international boarding program for 6th-11th graders.

International students at big house

Personal Attention

Every year, the international student cohort is limited to a few dozen students, creating a family atmosphere that fosters deep, lasting friendships. Every student receives personal mentoring and support from the formation coaches, as well as attention from teachers, coaches, and program directors. While at Everest, students have an opportunity to practice independence, punctuality, personal responsibility, and obedience.

Teachers helping students collage

For many, a year abroad is the experience of a lifetime.

Our international students encourage new students to “Enjoy every moment,” “Make new friends,” “Be the best version of yourself,” and “Enjoy everything…”. Whether it be meeting new people, learning from teachers, swimming in the lake, trips to Cedar Point or Rome, Mass and Eucharistic hours, night talks, baseball, skiing, and snow days!

Integral Formation

Integral Formation is woven into the fabric of the school at Everest, helping students grow in their personal relationship with Christ and deepening their prayer life.

International students praying


At Everest, students have an opportunity to learn best through small class sizes on a co-ed campus. In addition to building their English fluency, students are challenged in math, science, and social studies. Electives round out their educational day and provide opportunities for students to explore topics of personal interest, such as robotics or yearbook.

Academic tutoring is available to help students succeed in this demanding environment.


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