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Mountaineer Moments

Category: Everest Staff

Everest Family Life

Thank You, Faculty & Staff!

May 5 is Teacher Appreciation Day! We take this opportunity to thank all the Everest faculty and staff for their ongoing dedication to our mission!

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Everest Collegiate High School

Congratulations, Seniors!

“Thank you so much for the senior drive by. It made me cry. So grateful that you have made extra effort to make this beautiful

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Everest Collegiate High School

A Virtual Senior Walk

Nineteen of this year’s twenty-five graduates began their early elementary education at Everest. In recent Everest tradition, on the seniors’ final full day of classes,

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Everest Staff

Distance Formation Coordinating

Distance learning and stay-at-home orders have changed daily routines for nearly everyone. Students are completing distance learning. Teachers have set up their virtual classrooms. Even

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Everest Academy

Teachers Top 10 for 2020-2021

Over the past week, high school counselor Mrs. Krogh has been meeting virtually with students for their 2020-2021 course registration. In the midst of staying

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Everest Collegiate High School

Catholic Trivia Leaders

Any student who has passed through Miss Mansour’s theology classes during their time at Everest knows how creative she can be in conveying the truths

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