Elementary & Middle School

Elementary & Middle School

Everest cultivates the unique skills and talents of each student, with small class sizes and the gradual introduction of single-gender classrooms in 3rd grade.

An integrated K-8 environment provides a seamless transition from elementary to middle school.

Lower Elementary

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

At this age, we emphasize a love of learning and development of age-appropriate skills and habits, including honesty, dedication, cheerfulness, and reverence. Students begin developing public speaking and presentation skills.

Our curriculum emphasizes mastery of foundational math, reading, and writing skills including counting, times tables, phonics, leveled reading, grammar, handwriting, and cursive.

Upper Elementary

3rd – 5th Grade

Beginning in 3rd grade, students move into single-gender classrooms. Research has shown that single-gender classrooms provide many benefits, including fewer distractions and the opportunity to tailor curriculum in a way that caters to our students’ God-given uniqueness. In this way, Everest helps to ensure that boys and girls reach their full potential.

The curriculum encourages independence, study skills, and personal responsibility through student-driven learning.

In addition to core academic subjects, after-school STREAM programs create interdisciplinary connections between science, technology, religion, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.

Middle School

6th - 8th Grade

In middle school, students have increased levels of autonomy, along with higher expectations of how they’ll behave and perform. Single-gender classes continue as students move between classrooms for academic classes, including language arts, literature, math, science, social studies, and religion.

Spanish language learning is introduced, beginning with Latin for greater understating of word roots and structures. Studies have linked Latin study to increased SAT scores as well as higher GPA’s at the college level.  

Specials are phased out in middle school and replaced with electives. Students can choose from band, choir, performing arts, study skills, academic enrichment, visual arts, computers, journalism/yearbook and more.

Standardized testing

Everest uses MAP®️ Growth™ testing in Kindergarten through 7th grade.

MAP Growth is a computer-based test which assesses a student’s instructional level to measure academic growth throughout the school year in reading, math, language, and science. The testing is unique and adapts to each child’s level of learning. Test results provide immediate and accurate information about classroom learning allowing teachers to plan instruction accordingly.

Eighth grade students take the PSAT 8/9 and the High School Placement Test.

Student Life at Everest

Learn more about student life at Everest, including extracurricular activities, sports, fine arts, after school care, and family-friendly activities.

Spiritual Life at Everest

Students have opportunities to express their faith and grow in their love of Christ at Everest.

What Our Families are Saying

“The small classroom size, the students and teachers are able to have good relationships. They know your child, the child really knows the teacher. I think when you have that relationship a lot more can be accomplished.”

– Barb McGrath

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