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High school graduation communion

Integral Formation

At the very heart of how we fulfill our mission at Everest is the process of Integral Formation®, which is the educational philosophy utilized in both the high school and the academy. Integral Formation develops excellence in the complete formation of the whole person.

To Teach

Informing the mind, transmitting appropriate knowledge

To Educate

Cultivating the heart to love authentic values and a sense of what is good, true, and beautiful

To Form

Forging the will, shaping character in virtue as a basis for integrity


Formation of a strong and virtuous character through growth in virtue, self-confidence, and leadership skills


Solid formation in academics and habits providing a wealth of knowledge and an ability to think critically and communicate clearly


Deep and personal relationships with Christ. Students’ intellectual and human growth comes to perfection through God’s grace and through the student’s spiritual efforts


Development of a heart of an apostle, one that is sensitive and responsive to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others

New to Integral Formation?

Watch this quick video to learn more.

Faith Education and Formation

From kindergarten through high school, Everest students are taught a deep understanding of the Catholic faith through a strong religion/theology curriculum. Academy students also participate in Everest’s virtue program to help promote a strong moral compass and help them build conviction to live according to Catholic Christian ideals.

Beginning in middle school, students meet with a formation coach to support each child’s development in all dimensions of Integral Formation. One-on-one mentoring and guidance to help them develop into the Catholic Christian leaders they were created to be.

Spiritual and Apostolic Opportunities

Spiritual formation is achieved through an atmosphere that fosters a personal friendship with Jesus Christ, rooted in love for Him and in awareness of being his disciple. Students have many opportunities to grow in this relationship.




Virtue Program

All parents want their child to be a person of upstanding character, but how do children learn these traits? The Everest virtue program offers students an opportunity to know, value, practice, and internalize virtue in a consistent and committed manner, across all areas of academic and student life.

Students learn and practice virtues like self-discipline, respect, generosity, responsibility, and perseverance, holding to the highest standard of Christ’s behaviors towards them.