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High School

Everest high school students exhibit academic achievement, strong character, and personal discipline expected of successful young adults. Small class sizes on a co-ed campus allow students to realize their full potential as they prepare for college and beyond.

Challenging, College-Prep Curriculum

With options for AP and honors classes, high school students study English, science, math, theology, and social studies. Additionally, they meet graduation requirements for studies in modern language, technology, fine arts, physical education/health, and electives.

Elective courses include: visual arts, astronomy, band, choir, drama, philosophy, speech, yearbook, video game development, robotics, and more. 

Every day, our students have opportunities to apply their critical thinking, writing, and expression skills in the classroom.

Team Approach to Education

Our teachers know that a student’s education is only complete when the development of the intellect becomes the foundational element that supports spiritual growth and the formation of character.

While our teachers serve the primary role of educating Everest students, the students’ growth in all areas is shared by a school counselor, dean of discipline, formation coordinator, and a principal.

Student Success

Average ACT Score
Graduation Rate
Participate in College Athletics
volunteer hours performed per student
championships in last 10 years
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Student Life at Everest

For high school students, Everest offers clubs, leadership opportunities, competitive sports, and fine arts. Learn more about Student Life at Everest.

Spiritual Life at Everest

Students have opportunities to express their faith and grow in their love of Christ at Everest.

What our families are saying

“I knew that Everest was the place for me, and I can’t imagine having spent the past four years with a different class and different group of teachers. This school provides so many things for the students here, and my class and I will be forever in debt to the community of Everest for all that they have done for us.”

– Shane Dolan, Class of 2018

EC Forensics Finals 2021

High school students presented forensics pieces, and six finalists advances to the final competition. Kathleen Thibodeau, Caroline Beggs, and Theresa Waller presented in the category of prose. Amelia Shripka, Diego
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New Thespians Join Society

Nine new Thespians were inducted into the Troupe 8546 of the International Thespian Society on Thursday, February 25. In its fourth year of existence, the Everest troupe continues to grow.
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EC Students Participate in In-Class Forensics

It has been nearly a year since EC students competed in the annual public speaking competition on March 3, just before schools were closed for the year. A year later,
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