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Limited Spaces Open for Fall

Early Years

The early years are the beginning of your child’s journey into education. Our early years programming, from ages 1-6, seamlessly integrates age-appropriate activities to create a foundation for successful elementary school learning. 


This parent and child program encourages play and interaction with others in the community. It’s a chance to explore hands-on activities, listen to books, create crafts, play in the gym, and visit the chapel.


Children begin their academic experience in this supportive, nurturing environment. Curiosity and wonder are cultivated as students make new friends and explore through hands-on learning at their own pace. Our best-practice curriculum prepares them for kindergarten as it builds social-emotional awareness skills including active listening, expressing feelings, and interacting with others.

Junior Kindergarten

An optional year of junior kindergarten provides additional time for social, emotional, and academic development, helping students build greater confidence and independence. 

Academic subjects (including phonics, math, science, religion, and social studies) are self-paced and hands-on. Classes are limited to 12 students per year. Opportunities for play and rest are built into the day, and students have full access to specials including gym, computers, music, and art.


Kindergarten is the culmination of Everest Early Years programming. Students have a more structured environment that solidifies their readiness for the elementary school curriculum.

Academic subjects include language arts, writing, science, social studies, religion, and math. Everest teachers work one-on-one with students to build reading literacy, with a goal of independent reading by the end of the school year. 

Students have opportunities for free choice, snack time with friends and specials (gym, computers, music, library, art, and daily chapel visits). Learning extends beyond academics to learn manners and how to treat others with kindness and respect.

Student Life at Everest

Learn more about Everest extracurricular activities, after school care, family activities, and intramural sports for our youngest students.

Spiritual Life at Everest

Students have opportunities to express their faith and grow in their love of Christ at Everest.

What our Families Are Saying

“The main thing that I love about Everest is the character building of my children. It’s not only the academic formation, but also the overall formation as a person.”

– Zah and Wil Gonzalvo