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Student Life at Everest

Student Life at Everest

At Everest, your child can make new friends and explore their interests and God-given talents through sports, fine arts, special events, and clubs. We view these extracurricular activities as vital for character development because they provide opportunities to practice teamwork, leadership, discipline, perseverance, and compassion outside the classroom.

The culture of the school supports the development of well-rounded individuals. Students are encouraged to explore many different areas of interest. Here you’ll find football players participating in school plays, artists competing on the volleyball court, and future engineers participating in public speaking contests. 



Play for one of the 42 sports teams at Everest and train under the guidance of our experienced and award-winning coaches. 

Our high school teams have won over 90 championships in the past 10 years, and 16% of our graduates have gone on to play college-level sports.

Everest Athletics

Fine Arts

Everest fine arts programs include drama, music, and the visual arts. At every age, exposure to the arts fosters your child’s creative talents and helps them develop curiosity, observation skills, and cultural sensitivity.

Student Clubs

Interested in Legos? Books? Business? Yearbook? Science Olympiad? There’s something for every child at Everest to explore. Clubs provide an opportunity for students to practice leadership, strengthen their interpersonal skills, and explore interesting topics in a hands-on environment outside the classroom.

In an effort to make extracurricular and co-curricular clubs more accessible to students involved in other after-school activities, Everest has instituted a club program at the middle and high school levels. This opportunity allows for our students to participate in activities that are pivotal in favorably positioning them for university acceptance. 

Service Projects

We believe in improving the world around us through concrete acts of charity. Our projects spread justice and love as they help those in need in our community. 

This dimension of apostolic formation develops in our students the heart of an apostle, a heart sensitive and responsive to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others. 

Our students benefit, too: through evangelization and serving others, students have an opportunity to discover Christ, become more like him, and experience his love more profoundly.

Events and Competitions

Annual events, like spelling bees and forensics competitions, are part of the traditions of our school, and provide opportunities for students to apply their learning in front of peer groups, parents, and even the general public. Participating strengthens their memorization, presentation, and public speaking skills. 

Student life activities and competitions foster school spirit and range from monthly spirit days and assemblies to Catholic Schools Week competitions, homecoming, and Mountaineers of the Month.

Student Leadership

Students in middle and high school can practice their leadership, governance, and service skills. Opportunities include student government, National (and Junior) Honor Society, and our Everest cadet, mentor, and ambassador programs.

Family Events and Parent Community

We believe the formation of our children requires the full support of the people around them. Everest is an encouraging Catholic community that helps you navigate the complex world of modern parenting. Many parents tell us they’ve found life-long friends here, too. You can meet other parents through our many volunteering opportunities, daily Mass, the Everest Parent Program, or men’s club.

Our school traditions and welcoming families also play a critical role in creating our vibrant Everest community. Annual all-ages family traditions include homecoming festivities, the talent show, Grandparent’s Day, and more.

After-School Care

At Everest, we offer supervised after-school care for students aged 3-14, where they can play, get their homework done, or just release some energy after a focused day of learning.

Contact Kelly Loush at (248) 241-9012 or to discuss after school care.

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