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The middle school Integral Formation EA Games championship final took place as distance learning drew to a close. It was two full months of competition and hard work that finally paid off for the winners who didn’t let the changing circumstances in our world get in the way of their formation.

The EA Stay-At-Home Games began with the start of distance learning to give Mountaineers an opportunity to practice Integral Formation at home. The games consisted in challenging students to set a weekly goal for themselves in each of the four dimensions of Integral Formation: spiritual, human, intellectual, and apostolic. The most popular challenges chosen were “make my bed first thing in the morning,” “pray every morning,” “offer to do an extra chore to help your parents out,” “no missed assignments,” or they could propose their own goal. At the end of the week, players would record how many days of the week they fulfilled each challenge they chose.

It was a very tight and action-filled competition. With a total of 68 players, it wasn’t easy to make it to the top-8 leaderboard released every few days. Marianne went straight to the top right away by March 23, but soon enough others started to catch up. By March 25, Sleeping Sloth was the top player, but beginning in April she must have fallen asleep. Marianne took the leadership again with other players emerging as potential competition. Cat Lover sprinted to third place and never left the Leaderboard. Person108 had a slower start, but once she started, she rose to the top quickly and secured her first place all the way to the final with a significant advantage. As April came by, Timothy, Prez Woj, and Coolperson were trying to take the silver and bronze. By the end of April, Captain Marvel and Ella W made it to the top and proved to be tough competitors until the end. All players who ended in the Top 8 Leaderboard can expect a small recognition coming soon!

All together players signed up for 472 challenges. Congratulations, Mountaineers!


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