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Mountaineer Moments

Tag: Integral Formation

Everest Academy

Students Miss Campus Life

Students finished distance learning, grew in all new ways, and developed skills they know they will be able to use later in life. Everest students

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Academic Achievements

EA Student Awards

Congratulations to all Mountaineers on a successful school year and especially to this year’s academy award recipients! Perfect Attendance The perfect attendance award recognizes students

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Everest Staff

Distance Formation Coordinating

Distance learning and stay-at-home orders have changed daily routines for nearly everyone. Students are completing distance learning. Teachers have set up their virtual classrooms. Even

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Apostolic Activities

HS Students Lead MS Challenge

Middle schoolers have been competing in weekly Integral Formation challenges with formation coordinator Miss Gaby. High school students kicked off the challenge for the middle

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Everest Collegiate High School

Science Students Achieve Formation Goals

Intellectual formation at Everest extends beyond mere knowledge as headmaster and high school principal discussed in his letter introducing this year’s Mountaineer Magazine. “We can

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