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Nineteen of this year’s twenty-five graduates began their early elementary education at Everest. In recent Everest tradition, on the seniors’ final full day of classes, they put on their caps and gaps and walk through the Everest halls as a class one last time. At the kindergarten classroom, they are met by five and six year olds in their own caps, and they walk hand-in-hand through the halls together.

While we anxiously await the day when the kindergarten graduates of 2008 – and all the new classmates who have joined their ranks since – will once again release their Everest balloons on the day of their commencement, today we do not cheer for them in the temporarily empty hallways. We lift our thoughts, prayers, and encouragement to them from home.

The Everest faculty and staff have prepared this virtual senior walk as a tribute to the Class of 2020. Many thanks to all faculty and staff for your submissions, hard work putting together this video, and for all the ongoing preparations to honor Everest’s ninth graduating class. Class of 2020, we are proud of you; we love you; and we wish you the best!

Kindergarten Graduates of 2008