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Distance learning and stay-at-home orders have changed daily routines for nearly everyone. Students are completing distance learning. Teachers have set up their virtual classrooms. Even administrators and staff are working differently. For admissions director Kelly Loush, that means planning virtual tour events for prospective students. Principals and deans of discipline are hard at work planning end-of-year and next year plans. We asked elementary formation coordinator Miss Rose to share a little about what her daily life looks like during distance learning.

Miss Rose is a Consecrated Woman of Regnum Christi and lives in a community in Lake Orion along with Miss Jill and Miss Gaby. She shared with us about her day!

“The first thing I do every morning is get coffee, and pray.  I have an hour of meditation, time to just speak with Our Lord, my spouse, each morning.  My day always starts off better when I begin with prayer and coffee.

I like schedules and routine so I more or less have set up a schedule for myself that I follow each day in quarantine.

The elements I weave into my schedule are:

  • Reading and studying topics that help me personally and for my mission, for an hour
  • School work: meetings, embarrassing myself making recordings, planning

  • Prayers: In general, as consecrated our daily required prayers consist of morning offering, Mass, an hour of meditation, the rosary, Lauds or Vespers (Liturgy of the Hours), and Compline- night prayers, and 10-15 minutes reading a spiritual book that nurtures our mind and soul with good content.  In addition to those daily prayers we have incorporated daily adoration into our schedule, since we have more time available.  Each day from 3-4 P.M. we have been having adoration here in our little chapel to pray for everyone effected by Covid-19 and for everyone’s safety.  I like to begin my adoration by praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for everyone.
  • Helping around the house: weeding, raking, cooking dinner, cleaning the gutters
  • Exercise: I like to walk, run, or bike but if the weather is not cooperating we are blessed to have an elliptical machine

  • Phone calls with friends and family. Sometimes my family organizes a conference call rosary.  That has been neat to pray the rosary as a family, each of us in our different cities and houses.
  • Creative time: I like to wood burn, carve, and paint.

  • Community time:  it has been nice to be able to spend more time all together. Often after dinner is when we organize activities as a community.  One week Miss Gaby, gave us classes each night on freedom and love.  Other nights we watch a movie, silly videos, play games, do crafts, or just sit and talk.”

Thank you, Miss Rose, for sharing with us about your daily schedule, for singing with us, and providing fun challenges for us to continue growing in our Integral Formation!