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Everest Collegiate High School & Academy faculty and staff are always up for a challenge. After a week of early preparations last week,  Catholics schools were directed to close by the Archdiocese of Detroit last Friday and Monday. Early Friday morning following the governor’s announcement, Everest faculty and staff got right to work preparing distance learning materials for students.

Distance learning will commence on Monday, March 23, with the week of March 16-20 serving as spring break, following the directives of the archdiocese. Teachers have prepared work packets and materials and are creating online resources for students.

The attitude among faculty and staff has been optimistic in the face of a new educational challenge. A letter to parents on March 13 stated,

“Everest Collegiate High School & Academy remains committed to the Integral Formation of its students during this time. Faculty and staff met this morning to discuss the most effective means to assure the highest quality of education for our students despite the real shortfalls and challenges of distance learning. Faculty will make every effort to impart Integral Formation through the expectations of students, the instruction provided, and resources for students in the areas of intellectual, human, spiritual, and apostolic formation. Whereas there is no substitute for the personalized formation provided through our normal school day model, it is our hope that by providing excellent resources, students and families can use this as an opportunity to continue to grow and develop as Catholic Christians.”

Teachers are creating fun videos, placing clues for students in podcasts, and providing helpful tips on being successful in distance learning. Many thank to the tireless work of all Everest Collegiate High School & Academy faculty and staff for the education of our students!