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Everest Collegiate High School introduced an Introduction to Robotics course this school year with support of funding from the Clarkston Optimist Club. The class began the school year by building their robots and then learning to write the code to direct the robots. This week’s assignment involved programming the robot to travel a certain distance, pick up a wooden block, travel forward making two more turns, and deposit the block in the bucket. The students had two chances to run the robot, allowing them to reposition the robot  but not edit any code.

This was the second time the students had run this project. Students have had the opportunity in class to practice, but are not provided the actually distances they will need to run until the morning of presentation. On presentation day, students are provided with actual measurements which they update in their code and then run their programs.

Instructor Mr. Nghiem Nguyen was pleased with the class’s progress. The first time they presented the project few students made it past the first turn. Today students were able to successfully execute the challenge or at least make it a lot further than the previous attempt.