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Mountaineer Moments

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Everest Collegiate High School

Stronger Than Circumstance

Just four days after Everest faculty and staff drove to seniors’ homes, congratulating them, and dropping off yard signs, the senior class submitted a video

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Everest Family Life

Thank You, Faculty & Staff!

May 5 is Teacher Appreciation Day! We take this opportunity to thank all the Everest faculty and staff for their ongoing dedication to our mission!

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Everest Staff

Distance Formation Coordinating

Distance learning and stay-at-home orders have changed daily routines for nearly everyone. Students are completing distance learning. Teachers have set up their virtual classrooms. Even

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Everest Academy

Teachers Top 10 for 2020-2021

Over the past week, high school counselor Mrs. Krogh has been meeting virtually with students for their 2020-2021 course registration. In the midst of staying

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Everest Academy

What We Learned – Week 1

Distance learning is a new challenge for all – students, parents, and educators alike. Congratulations on making it through week one! Parents had to learn

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