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Congratulations to all our students who studied hard for this year’s spelling bee. Students in second through eighth grades participate in a classroom competition which is worth a test grade. The top three spellers in grades 3-8 advance to a finals competition.

Second Grade Winners

1st Place: Sadie Robinson & Ariana Khouri

2nd Place: Diana Harrell

3rd Place: Hunter Keegan

3rd & 4th Grade Winners

1st Place: Charles Muñoz

2nd Place: Beau Kratt

3rd Place: Caroline Dale

Finalists: Zachariah Brikho, Jax Tillman, Rudolfo Torres

5th-8th Grade Winners

1st Place: Ellyson Dyke

2nd Place: Katherine Shea

3rd Place: Nora Nedwick

Finalists: Sean Leahy, Landon Gantos, Simon Khouri, Emma Gulda, Vinay Iyer, Nicholas Sasak, Zander Brikho, Olivia Rydesky, Nash Wolcott, Tyler Koszalinski, Carrie Walker, Adam Tibudan, Anamaria Valentino, Joseph Moran, Yoojin Won