Student Life

Student Life


Sporting activities are offered for every age at Everest.

  • Intramural Sports (Preschool – 4th)
  • Catholic Youth Organization (5th – 8th)
  • MHSAA Sports (9th – 12th)


Everest offers a variety of after school activities to promote lasting friendships and provide an outlet for fun and achievement.

  • Lego League (K – 8th)
  • Math Club (6th – 12th)
  • Campus Ministry (9th – 12th)
  • Creative Writing (9th – 12th)
  • Drama Club (9th – 12th)
  • Geography Club (9th – 12th)
  • Pre-med (9th – 12th)
  • Science Olympiad (9th – 12th)
  • Student Government (9th – 12th)
  • Pep Band (9th – 12th)
  • Yearbook (9th – 12th)
  • Pro Life Club (9th – 12th)
  • Journalism Club (9th – 12th)
  • Christian Life (9th – 12th)
  • Apostolic Service Club (9th – 12th)

Service Projects

Service projects are designed to help students learn about improving their world by serving as Catholic Christian leaders and apostles of faith. Our projects respond to the needs of the Church and the community to spread justice and love. Through a vibrant apostolic life, students discover Christ in teamwork, initiative and perseverance. Social awareness is a universal mission we want all of our students to personally understand in their life’s journey.

Events & Competitions

Academic competitions are available for students to develop intellect, excel in areas of strength, learn work ethic and measure their progress. Competition is a natural part of life and one that we believe in establishing a healthy relationship with both triumph and defeat. Everest students prepare year round for the following academic competitions:

  • Forensics Competition
  • Scripps Spelling Bee
  • Catechism Contest
  • Catholic Schools Week Competitions
  • Spirit Week Competitions

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