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The kindergarten through second grade father and son night was a night to remember. The evening started off in the academy gym, with a game of Hoop Hop Showdown going on in the center of the gym while simultaneously on either side of the gym there were two obstacle courses set up. Most the boys, when they saw the obstacles courses, said, “they look so easy.”  The catch to the obstacle course, though, was that they had to wear a blindfold and listen to their dads as they guided their sons through it. The reason for the blindfolds was to give each boy the experiential knowledge of his dad being his coach to help them through life. It is their dads’ job to help them, advise, and guide them through life.

Next, the dads traced and outline of their foot on a piece of paper before going to listen to a brief reflection given by Fr. Juan Sabadell. While the boys stayed with Miss Rose, Mrs. Terbrack, and some middle school boy volunteers who helped the boys put a painted foot print in the middle of their dad’s traced foot and wrote on top of the paper: “Dad, someday, I hope to fill your shoes.” It was a great evening of time well spent together!