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On Wednesday, March 6, a group of seniors who were preparing for their senior pilgrimage, had an informative meeting and dinner at the Legionary priests’ house. Mr. Mileski and Fr. Thomas prepared Spanish dishes which the students will likely be eating in Spain. Fr. Juan Sabadell, LC, a native of Barcelona, gave the seniors some historical, cultural and political insight on Spain and Barcelona. The students had a chance to learn some phrases in Catalan, which is the dialect of the region where Barcelona is.

Afterwards, Fr. Thomas gave a talk on the spiritual component of the pilgrimage and why we refer to this outing as a “senior pilgrimage” instead of a “senior trip”. The students finished the evening saying a prayer together in the chapel asking for a grace-filled experience. They were very grateful for the evening and appreciated the opportunity to come together to learn more about what they were going to encounter.