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The kindergarten through second-grade girls couldn’t wait to come back to school on Friday night, because they knew they were coming to hang out with their dads.  The theme of the activity night was going on an Advent journey to prepare our hearts for Christmas.  Each girl received an Advent booklet and then went with their dad to each of the stations.  Each station had an activity related to the name of the candle and the virtue of the candle.  The color, names, and virtues of the candles were:

  • Week one, a purple candle, is called Prophets Candle with the virtue of hope;
  • Week two, also purple the Bethlehem Candle with the virtue of peace;
  • Week three is a pink candle, the Shepherds Candle with the virtue of joy;
  • Week four is another purple candle the Angel’s Candle with the virtue of love;
  • lastly a white candle can be placed in the middle of the Advent wreath, this is called the Christ Candle.

Once the dads and daughters completed the activity they wrote down what they want to work on that week to help them live that specific virtue.  The dads had a reflection given by Fr. Jason Brooks, LC, while the girls stayed with Miss Rose to create a couple surprise gifts for their dads.