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The cast and crew are hard at work for EC drama’s upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland on Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 3. There are so many elements to the production of a play. Most people know what the cast members do: they perform on stage after memorizing their lines and learning their movements (called blocking) for each scene. But did you ever wonder what the crew does behind the scenes? They are responsible for handling all the props for the characters, making set pieces, helping with costume fittings and care backstage, applying make-up to all the cast members, and handling all the sound and lighting that happens during all the shows. There are also crew called “runners” who move set pieces in between scenes. That is a lot of work, and a show could not go on without them. As you can see, our Everest crew and cast are hard at work to make our production the best it can possibly be. Purchase tickets now for Alice in Wonderland!