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Everest art teacher, Mrs. Caroline Mazure, was approached by Nicole Joyce, natural family planning coordinator for the Archdiocese of Detroit to paint an image in remembrance of children lost through stillbirth or miscarriage. Mrs. Joyce used to teach a seminar on Theology of the Body for Everest students. The image was commissioned in conjunction with the installation of a Book of Innocents and stand at the cathedral on this year’s annual Mass for Children Lost to Miscarriage and Stillbirth.

To read more about the project and the Mass, read the full Detroit Catholic  article here. The article shares how Mrs. Mazure’s experience of creating the piece and a description. “The image depicts a smiling Christ surrounded by children who are happy to be in his presence, Mazure said. Jesus is painted in positive space and is the only one in the image who is fully painted in order to create a sense that the children lost to miscarriage and stillbirth fully exist in Christ, and he knows their wholeness.”

Thank you, Mrs. Mazure, for sharing your talents with the archdiocese and daily with Everest students!