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EC girls soccer had a great season, ending with a 13-2-4 record. They clinched the CHSL championship defeating Cranbrook, their only loss to that point. They moved on to claim the district title but fell in the regional semifinal to Lainsburg 1-3. The team wishes the best of luck to senior Katrina Earnhardt and senior Avery McNalley (ASH) both of whom will be playing soccer next year as they move on to Ave Maria University and Michigan Technological University, respectively.

While the season may be over, the hallmark of Everest is athletics played with purpose. As the team headed into the regional semifinal, Coach Rich Cross received this message from the parent of an Oakland Christian player, the team the Mountaineers had defeated to claim the district title. Congratulations to Coach Cross and the entire team for living up to the school’s motto!

“..Your program was a class act while playing Oakland Christian.  My daughter and I went into the game feeling like, well this will be a quick and disastrous game.  We thought the bus ride will be longer than the game.  We were so impressed with your coaching, taking a lot of your starters out after three goals and allowing the rest of your team to be a contributor to the victory.  I’m sure that did wonders for those girls.  Also, I sat back and listened to the starters sitting on the bench.  They were excited for the second string.  They encouraged and cheered for them with their success on the field.  We all know, the atmosphere of any team starts at the top, the coach.  Knowing the impact a coach can have on their players, you really taught them a positive life lesson.  We wish your team and program nothing but success.”