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During this year of St. Joseph, Everest students were invited to participate in an art contest sponsored by Detroit Catholic Schools. The theme of the contest was:  St. Joseph as a model of Faith, Excellence, and Service.

“On December 8, 2020, Pope Francis wrote a reflection about St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus in a letter called “With A Father’s Heart.” He declared a Year of St. Joseph – a time for us to reflect on the role that St. Joseph played in being a husband to Mary and a foster father to Jesus, contributing to his important role in our own salvation. There are no words in scripture attributed to St. Joseph, but he was part of Jesus’ daily life, loved him as a father,
and taught him many things… How did St. Joseph model Faith, Excellence, and Service in his life as a husband to Mary and a father to Jesus? Your challenge is to artistically express these qualities of faith, excellence, and service that were present in the life of St. Joseph and guide all our endeavors in our Catholic schools.”

Everest sixth grade Lilly Kurkowski won 3rd prize in the 5th-8th grade division, receiving a $200 scholarship towards next year’s tuition. Congratulations, Lilly!

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