Middle School

Middle School

Middle School (6th – 8th Grade)

While students are still in a gender specific setting, middle school is designed to provide a much different experience for students, so they can begin developing the skills they need to be successful in high school. It isn’t just the transition between classes throughout the day that changes in middle school; it is the level of expectation, autonomy, and self-discipline that goes along with it. Everest students are well prepared to make a seamless transition to all the uniqueness that comes with middle school as they were groomed for just that throughout their elementary years.

Middle School Standardized Testing

The Stanford 10 Achievement Test is one of the leading national standardized tests assessing children from kindergarten through high school. The test is available in 13 levels roughly correspond to the year in school, with each level broken into subtests covering various subjects such as reading comprehension, mathematical problem solving and science. The Stanford 10 allows educators and parents to understand where students are proficient and where they need additional instruction.

High School Placement Test

As a requirement for entry into Catholic High Schools, the Archdiocese of Detroit offers High School Placement Testing (HSPT) annually in November and December at various locations. It is strongly recommended that students test on the first available date which is typically mid to late November. More information about registration can be found online at: Archdiocese of Detroit HSPT Registration.

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