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Each year the Catholic High School League and Archdiocese of Detroit Department of Catholic Schools recognizes the top academic students in each class. Ordinarily, these students are recognized at Ford Field on the day of the annual Prep Bowl. This year, the Prep Bowl was held according to current restrictions. Scholastic All Catholic honorees recognition in the mail during mandated distance learning in December.

The Scholastic All Catholic honorees are recognized for achieving the highest possible GPA with their current course options.

Congratulations to the following Mountaineers:

  • Luke Abraham
  • Timothy Abraham
  • Sawyer Arbogast
  • Nathaniel Beggs
  • Danielle Brown
  • Molly Burgess
  • Stephen Czach
  • Lucia De Nigris
  • Jose De Nigris
  • Alicia Emmert-Buck
  • Anthony Felix
  • Alyse Felix
  • Andrea Gonzalvo
  • Scarlett Hamilton
  • Avery Herrgott
  • Celeste James
  • Celine Legg
  • Lauren Marshall
  • John Morrison
  • Joseph Morrison
  • Matthew Neme
  • Amelia Shripka
  • Ayannah Sierminski
  • Audrey Stafford
  • Allison Tong
  • Luke Walker
  • Theresa Waller