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Science is coming to life in early elementary classrooms. Each classroom has a “class pet” that they are learning about through studying and observations. Some of the classes have named the animals in their classes.

Preschool 3 is learning about ants through an ant farm. “We are learning about observing the world around us, with our eyes. We noticed that it took a while for the ants to feel comfortable in their new environment. This week they have begun to create tunnels to crawl through. Our ant farm has been quite an attraction in our classroom. The kids love to check out the progress of the tunnels whenever we come back into our classroom,” shared Mrs. Terbrack.

Rourke was proud to show of the Preschool 4 hermit crab.

Junior kindergarten has a fish. The class named the fish Edmund, after the school mascot.

Mrs. McGrath shared about the kindergarten animals. “In kindergarten, we have gained a few extra friends.  These friends started off black and furry and now are chrysalis.  We are anxiously waiting for them to turn into beautiful butterflies.  The kids love to check on them see how they changed overnight.  As a class, we have discussed the life cycle of a butterfly.”

First grade planted venus fly traps today. They prepare the peat moss by getting it wet in the morning, and observing how the peat soaked up the water. Mrs. Fazzoni demonstrated how the fly traps were planted in the soil and how they get their nourishment from the soil, but they can also eat anywhere from 1-4 insects per month.

Finally, second grade has hermit crabs as well. All our students are enjoying learning more about their “class pets.”