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It had been a long time since Everest halls were full of noise. Faculty and staff reported back on Monday, August 17, to begin a week of meetings. One of the first orders of business was to complete a celebration that had to be delayed from the spring, the recognition of work anniversaries. Words of recognition were given by Sue Ender, Greg Reichert, or Mike Nalepa for each employee recognized. Many of the comments focused on the employees dedicated and belief in Everest’s mission. Everest is blessed to have a dedicated faculty and staff.

Congratulations to this year’s work anniversary recipients!

Five Years

  • Patty Boyer, Registrar
  • Mason Lewis, Facilities Staff

Ten Years

  • Nick Gulda, History and Spanish
  • Carolyn Mansour, Theology
  • Matt Mileski, English
  • Heather Reichert, Junior Kindergarten
  • Jeff Stencel, Math

Fifteen Years

  • Sam Bauer, Facilities Staff
  • Dave Breitschuh, Facilities Manager
  • Cindi Carter, Business Administrator
  • Paula Ireland, International Program Administrative Assistant
  • Michele Keusch, 4th Grade
  • Michelle McGrath, Kindergarten
  • Mike Nalepa, President
  • Amy Pruchnicki, Elementary Academic Coordinator
  • Ann Serra-Lowney, High School Athletic Director
  • Catherine Terbrack, Preschool