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Congratulations to all Mountaineers on a successful school year and especially to this year’s academy award recipients!

Perfect Attendance

The perfect attendance award recognizes students who have attended school each scheduled day of the current school year and has not accumulated more than ten tardies.  This year the following students have had perfect attendance:

  • Kindergarten: Connor Anderson, Leo Dzieksonki
  • First Grade: Micah Abraham, Landon Gantos, Branden Sandeen
  • Third Grade: Charles Boyer, Maximus Iyer, Daniel Megala, Vincent Mirjah
  • Fourth Grade: Christian Abraham, Drew Berney, Landon Estrada, Joseph Moran, Sofia Arinez, Mary Groves
  • Fifth Grade: James McGrath, Timothy Thibodeau, Mauricio Ramirez, Palin Leahy, Hannah Megala
  • Sixth Grade: Cameron Tong, Dylan Smith, Emily Smith, Zoe Abraham, Nina Tocco
  • Seventh Grade: Madelyn Krappmann, Addison Pearce, Alexander Wolschleger
  • Eighth Grade: Donghwan Won, Kathleen Thibodeau


School Competitions:

The next awards recognize those students who have achieved the highest scores in our school competitions throughout the school year.

Mountaineer of the Month

Each month the Mountaineers of the Month are nominated by their teachers for their living of the virtue of the month.

  • August: Jax Tillman, Joshua Sarnecki
  • September: Marianne Schmitt, Vincent Mirjah, Rebecca Berney, Clare Terbrack
  • October: June Heasley, Dominik Dziekonski, Lauren Fotherby, James Nedwick, Renata Martin Del Campo
  • November: Caroline Dale, Michael Foskett, John Neme, Jonah Reichert
  • December: Seth Abraham, Rachel Luginski, Zoe Abraham, Christian Abraham, Mary McGrath
  • January: Jax Tillman, Bryan Bowden, Charles Boyer, Aurora Gonzalvo, Kevin Cronin
  • February: Ryan Anderson, Kyle Westlake, Tamara Abraham
  • March: Justin Arcidi, Mason McGovern, Jake Foskett, Vinay Iyer, Vincent Pruchnicki, Aviannah Cronin, Joseph Milosch
  • April: Katherine Shea, Addison Thomas, Harper Heasley, Dylan Smith, Caroline Beggs
  • May: Ximena Ortega Machado, Isabella Vicari, Branden Sandeen, Ella Cross, Victor Cronin, Brooke Pontillo, Nora Nedwick, Luca Orsini, Hannah Megala, Rebecca Berney, Cole Duhaime, James Williams


Forensics Competition

The forensics competition award is granted to the boy and girl in middle school who earned the highest score in the forensics competition.

  • Middle School Boys’ Winner: Eduardo Cantu
  • Middle School Girls’ Winner: Erin Carr

Spelling Bee Competition

The spelling bee competition award is granted to the overall spelling bee champion(s) in each division.

  • Second Grade: Emma Gulda
  • Third and Fourth Grade Division: Alejandro Gonzalvo
  • Fifth-Eighth Grade Division: Madelyn Krappmann

Catechism Competition

The Catechism competition award is granted to the student(s) in each grade (1-8) who earned the highest score on the catechism exam at their grade level.  Middle school students were unable to take the Catechism test this year, so we are recognizing those students who received the highest GPA in their religion classes.

  • First Grade: Landon Gantos, Jacob Luginski, Mason McGovern, Ava Pruchnicki, Branden Sandeen, Theodore Sierminski, Joseph Vicari
  • Second Grade: Vinay Iyer
  • Third Grade: Alejandro Gonzalvo, Rachel Luginski
  • Fourth Grade: Jonah Reichert, Adam Tibudan, Sofia Arinez
  • Fifth Grade: Aviannah Cronin, Elena Neiman, Benjamin Luginski, Brandon Thomas
  • Sixth Grade: Zoe Abraham, Cameron Tong
  • Seventh Grade: Madelyn Krappmann, Erica Walker, James Williams
  • Eighth Grade: Lucille Thewes, Ravi Iyer

International Program Awards

English as a Second Language

The English as a second language award is presented to the international student who has demonstrated the greatest command of the English language.

  • Seventh Grade: Paloma Arozarena, Diego Juarez
  • Eighth Grade: Daniela Garza, Eduardo Cantu

Study of the American Culture

The study of the American culture award is presented to the international student who, through his embracing of and immersion in the American culture, has exhibited the greatest benefit from his or her study and experiences in the United States. This student exemplifies what it means to gain from the beauty of another culture and has taken full advantage of the best that the American culture has to offer.

  • Sixth Grade: Isabel Garciarce
  • Seventh Grade: Tamara Abraham, Rodrigo Tapia
  • Eighth Grade: Maria Sofia Montemayor, Donghwon Won

The next four awards are recognizing those students who have been the ideal role model for each of Everest’s four areas of formation: spiritual, human, intellectual, and apostolic.

Spiritual Formation Recognition

The spiritual formation award is granted to one boy and one girl in each grade (3-8) who has embraced the spiritual life of the school through daily prayer and practices of virtues, opportunities for sacraments, and theology classes that study the fullness of Catholic faith in all its richness.

  • Third Grade: Sophia Werner, Vincent Mirjah
  • Fourth Grade: Sofia Arinez, Jonah Reichert
  • Fifth Grade: Elizabeth Roddy, David Dale
  • Sixth Grade: Emily Smith, Dominic Walker
  • Seventh Grade: Grace Groves, Zachary Felix
  • Eighth Grade: Kathleen Thibodeau, Eugenio Torres

Human Formation Recognition

The human formation award is granted to one boy and one girl in each grade (3-8) who has lived the spirit of leadership espoused by the school, forming habits of virtue and fostering personal responsibility and internalized discipline.

  • Third Grade: Emily Duhaime, Maximus Iyer
  • Fourth Grade: Elea Lacey, Adam Tibudan
  • Fifth Grade: Aviannah Cronin, Nathan Iyer
  • Sixth Grade: Zoe Abraham, Cameron Tong
  • Seventh Grade: Sarah Bradley. Kevin Cronin
  • Eighth Grade: Lucille Thewes, Ravi Iyer

Intellectual Formation Recognition

The intellectual formation award is granted to one boy and one girl in each grade who has earned the highest Cumulative GPA for the 2019-2020 school year.

  • Third Grade: Maximus Iyer, Allison Ivory
  • Fourth Grade: Christian Abraham, Carrie Walker
  • Fifth Grade: Benjamin Luginski, Hannah Megala
  • Sixth Grade: Cameron Tong, Zoe Abraham
  • Seventh Grade: James Williams, Madelyn Krappmann
  • Eighth Grade: Ravi Iyer, Lucille Thewes

Apostolic Formation Recognition

The apostolic formation award is presented to one boy and one girl in each grade (3-8) who has distinguished himself or herself by actively and constantly working to bring Christ’s message to others, both in and out of school.

  • Third Grade: Olivia Rydesky, Charles Boyer
  • Fourth Grade: Mary McGrath, Christian Abraham
  • Fifth Grade:  Lauren Earnhardt, Timothy Thibodeau
  • Sixth Grade: Emily Smith, Kyle Westlake
  • Seventh Grade: Madelyn Krappmann, James Nedwick
  • Eighth Grade: Renata Martin Del Campo, Ethan Brodbeck

The last award presented today is the highest recognition in all areas of formation. 

Semper Altius

The Semper Altius award is presented to one boy and one girl in each grade (3-8) who has lived the motto of the school, demonstrating diligence and perseverance, continually striving in every aspect of Integral Formation during the year.

  • Third Grade: Rachel Luginski, Alejandro Gonzalvo
  • Fourth Grade: Aurora Gonzalo, John Neme
  • Fifth Grade: Hannah Megala, James McGrath
  • Sixth Grade:  Zoe Abraham, Cameron Tong
  • Seventh Grade:  Erica Walker, James Williams
  • Eighth Grade: Kathleen Thibodeau, Joseph Milosch