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Spanish III teacher, Mrs. Aguilar, shares about her class’s Cinco de Mayo celebration.

“As you know this day is very important for all the Mexican people, not only because it is my husband’s birthday or Father Brian’s birthday!😊 But because, it’s known as the battle where Mexico defeated France. (Many people think that it’s the Mexican independence day, but that’s not true. If that were true I would be teaching French instead of Spanish 😉.)

It’s known as the Battle of Puebla*, because it was the place where Mexican army fought against the France army and won! I examplained the facts of this historical event to my students and why this battle is compared to the battle between David and Goliath. Also, they now know that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican independence day and why it’s celebrated more here in USA than in Mexico. They did a quiz at the end of the presentation and meeting. They all did great!

*Puebla is the name of one of states of the country of Mexico.”