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It is an experience that lasts a lifetime, even when cut short. International students are also wrapping up distance learning – and their experience at Everest – from afar. International students are looking back on their year and sharing their memories, favorite outings, lessons learned, and how they have overcome challenges.

Favorite memories included the trips including Rome and the ski trip to Boyne as well as snowboarding at Pine Knob and all the time together with their friends. Paloma Arozarena shared, “I don’t have a favorite memory. It’s really hard to choose when every moment was so amazing.”Alegra Nerio echoed the sentiment, “Everything… when we went snowboarding, the outings, adoration, even school…”


Top ranked among students’ favorite outings were Cedar Point, the mall, Mackinac Island, the water park, apple picking, and football games.

Students shared about learning about their faith and growing in virtue. Juan Carlos Barron shared that he learned, “the importance of religion and virtues.”

It has been hard on all the students to have to return home so abruptly. Cristina Lorente shared, “I realized that even though we didn’t finish the year, we have to be glad because at least we got to live this amazing experience.” Alegra Nerio shared her challenges early in the year. “At the beginning I missed my family, but then I realized that I made a family there.”

International program generation 2019-2020, we miss you and you will always be part of the Everest family!