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Over the past week, high school counselor Mrs. Krogh has been meeting virtually with students for their 2020-2021 course registration. In the midst of staying on task and giving our best in distance learning, it is good to think about next year and hope for the future! We asked Everest teachers to rank the top ten things they are looking forward to in 2020-2021.

#10: Giving real tests and quizzes.

#9: Writing on a white board.

#8: Clubs and specialty classes.

#7: Grading papers rather than electronic submissions.

#6: Snacks in the faculty and staff lounge. (Maria Mellis cookies, monthly potlucks, etc.)

#5: Normal schedule and prep hours.

#4: Sports and athletics

#3: Teaching live rather than via video.

#2: Masses in the chapel.

#1: Students in the classroom.


Teachers added additional comments on what they are looking forward to:

  • Having students of the international program on campus.
  • Seeing people face to face
  • Sound of chalk on a blackboard
  • High five Fridays! In person! Being able to chat with colleagues (and Jesus in the chapel) whenever I want :)
  • I’m looking forward to seeing all my teacher friends. I miss everyone!
  • The seeing the entire Everest community
  • Having students come to my office to chat.
  • Talking and sharing with the Everest staff, especially all the awesome MS teachers!
  • Smiling faces😊
  • Sharing stories that relate to the subject matter and discussing them as a group as well as listening to the students’ stories and
  • Achievements during our “morning meetings.”
  • School musicals!
  • Bouncing ideas off of my coworkers
  • Laughing and talking with all of my coworkers.
  • Being with my coworkers
  • Being witness to Jeremy Maslowsky’s radiant personality
  • Seeing my teacher friends!
  • Seeing everybody’s smiling faces!
  • Smiles and face to face conversations
  • Access to the sacraments
  • Being in a room filled with music created by eager, young musicians!
  • Being with friends
  • To physically be with the teachers and students.
  • Formation coaching! Seeing everyone’s smiling faces!
  • Seeing my students smiles each day!!

Mountaineers, we can’t wait to see you again!