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Any student who has passed through Miss Mansour’s theology classes during their time at Everest knows how creative she can be in conveying the truths of the Catholic faith. Distance learning is no different. Theology students are enjoying daily trivia challenges presented through Google Classroom.

The first student to submit the correct answer wins the points for the day. Here is the current leader board:

Freshmen: TJ Abraham 16, Luke Walker 12
Sophomores: Michelle Villella 12, Angie Tibudan 10, Luke Abraham 8
Juniors: Danielle Brown 11, Maggie Smith 9, Theresa Waller 7

There are some very close races! Keep it up, Mountaineers! Challenge yourself; check out some of the trivia questions below and see if you know they answers.

Question 1

Answer 1

Question 2

Answer 2

Question 3

Answer 3

Question 4

Answer 4

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