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EC students were asked to share their favorite COVID-19 memes for a daily challenge in Mrs. Willertz’ class. We asked faculty and staff to chime in with theirs too! Keep up the good spirit, Mountaineers!

Fernando Caccia:

Maggie Smith:

Lauren Marshall:

Luke Marshall:

Tom Williams:

Grace Miller:


Jessie Burns:Theresa Waller:

Kate Engle:


Addy Bautel:

Mrs. Beggs – MS English:


Mr. Haezebrouck – MS History:


Mrs. Luttinen: MS Grammar & ESL

Mr. Mileski – HS English: 

Mrs. Cook – MS Science

Mrs. Van Wagoner – HS Dean of Discipline

Mrs. Carter – Business Office:

Mrs. Krogh – School Counselor

Miss Mansour – HS Theology:

Mrs. Willertz – HS Science:

Miss Jill – HS Formation Coordinator: 

Mrs. Radich – Religion: 

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