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Distance learning is a new challenge for all – students, parents, and educators alike. Congratulations on making it through week one!

Parents had to learn how to juggle supporting their children while many of them face their own challenges of working from home.

Students had to learn new platforms and how to interact with teachers remotely. We are confident they have also had to practice patience.

Teachers are learning how to teach remotely, how to use new technology, and how to be creative in interacting with their students. They are also learning how to juggle taking care of their own children and helping their children who are learning remotely all while teaching and being available to their own students. We asked teachers what they learned during this first week of remote learning. Here are their responses:

“I realized how important technology really is and how little I knew.  I am learning!! 😃 I was so excited to load my first YouTube videos and share them with my students.” -Theresa Radich

“We learned how to have 27 people responsibly edit the same Google document in order to have a virtual class discussion — those are some impressive juniors!!” -Maria Mellis

“While navigating this brave new world, we learned, among other things, about the Plague of Justinian; history’s first recorded pandemic.” -Nick Gulda

“I’m learning to figure out the technology end of things. I learned I love seeing the pictures of my students having fun with our daily challenges and learning at home.” -Catherine Terbrack

“I learned how to record history lectures inside of a homemade pillow fort.” -John Haezebrouck

“Technology and I are not very good friends. 😊” -Michelle Wildrick

“My face is a face for radio, not webcams!” -Karen Beggs

“Our students really do love Everest and their teachers; they need to hear from us, to laugh, to learn, and to be heard!” -Krista Willertz

“It is important to be flexible and to thank God!” – Michelle McGrath

“I learned that students are very adaptable to various forms of technology and are willing to try new media for the sake of learning.” -Christina Nielson

“We miss seeing the students.” -Jill Swallow

“Mastery of time management….parents and students.” -Amy Pruchnicki

“This new norm is hard – I miss EVERYTHING & EVERYONE!” -Amanda Maxim

“Image to PDF apps are wonderful.” -Jeff Stencel

“I learned that I actually like using a Mac computer. 😂” -Andrea Duhaime

“I learned I am not nearly as smart as my students when it comes to technology!” -Steve Taylor

“I have gained an appreciation of students asking questions in class.” -Matt Mileski

“During week 1 of remote learning, I learned that what’s most important right now is to stay in touch with the students – that they know we are here and still working together.” -Kathie Nalepa

Congratulations teachers, parents, and students on a great first week! Semper Altius!