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The third-grade girls mother and daughter retreat was a special morning together. Two high school students, Rachel Scott and Jessie Burns, helped run the retreat with formation coordinator Miss Rose. Rachel and Jessie led the songs and helped with the readings at Mass.  Then, when the moms and daughters split for their separate activities, the two high school students took the third-grade girls and talked to them about all the wonderful things our moms do for us, how grateful we should be toward them, and not take for granted all they do for us.  They helped the girls come up with a list of 10 Great Things about their moms.  Then they lead a decade of a rosary praying for the specific intentions each girl wanted to pray for her mom.

After the moms and daughter had their separate talks, the group came back together, and the high school girls help to lead some fun games and activities together.   The girls removed their shoes and socks and hid behind a blanket while the moms tried to guess which toes belong to their daughter.  Then the moms hid under the blanket and the daughters had to guess which hand was their mom’s hand.  Then they had quiz, where each mom and daughter was tested on how well they knew the other.  Lastly they finished the retreat by committing to one activity they want to do together each month to ensure they are having one-on-one time.