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December and January Mountaineers of the Month were recognized last week at the spirit assembly during Catholic Schools Week. December Mountaineers of the Month exemplified the virtue of obedience. January Mountaineers of the Month were recognized for the virtue of generosity.

December Mountaineers of the Month

Rachel Luginski

“Rachel exemplifies the virtue of obedience. She has great time management skills and a strong work ethic. Rachel always tries her very best with a positive attitude even when faced with a challenge. She is a responsible student who is a wonderful leader and role model in our classroom.” -Mrs. DePorre, Third Grade

Moses Abraham

“Moses is always obedient without hesitation or resistance.  He thoroughly and willfully follows through on what is asked of him every day without complaint.  Moses is a wonderful example of obedience to his friends and classmates.” -Mrs. Reichert, Junior Kindergarten

Zoe Abraham

“Zoe is a perfect example of the virtue of obedience to God’s commands and school guidelines. She is always prepared for class and always participates. She is diligent in doing her assignments and is rewarded with exemplary grades. She is helpful to her classmates and is a team player. She also is always respectful to me as her teacher. She is a great example of what our school hopes to have as a student leader.” – Mrs. Luttinen, Sixth Grade

Mary McGrath

“Mary comes in every morning and gets right to work on her assignments. She shows obedience when she completes all of her classwork carefully and completely. She keeps her cubby and desk area clean and neat without me asking to clean up. She displays good citizenship in our classroom with the teacher and students. I appreciate her strong work ethic. Mary listens and follows directions in class all of the time. She consistently puts forth her best effort in all subject areas, which is wonderful to see. Great job, Mary!” -Mrs. Duhaime, Fourth Grade

Zekie Abraham

“Zekie always is ready to do what is asked because he is an excellent listener. He is mindful of the rules and expectations and is ready for the next assignment or directive. Zekie always has God in his heart.” -Mrs. Keusch, Fourth Grade

January Mountaineers of the Month

Jax Tillman

“Jax is extremely generous with his things and is a wonderful example of putting others before himself. He looks for ways to be generous with his classmates and friends and is always the first one to ask his friends if they need a hug or anything when they are having a difficult moment. Jax really understands how to make sacrifices and do without, so that others may have what they want.” -Mrs. Reichert, Junior Kindergarten

Bryan Bowden

“Bryan has a very big heart and always thinks of others! He is always willing to give to his classmates even when it is hard. There was a time when a friend lost an item, and Bryan offered his. Bryan is helpful in the classroom too.” -Mrs. McGrath, Kindergarten

Chaz Boyer

“Chaz has a very generous heart. If anyone doesn’t have a snack, he is the first person who offers to share. He is also generous with his time and will help in the classroom if asked – without question or complaint. I believe Chaz does an excellent job of living the virtue of generosity.” -Mrs. Ohlinger, Third Grade

Kevin Cronin

“Kevin embodies generosity by consistently volunteering his talents and time for his classmates. He is eager to share notes with an absent student or lend supplies to someone that may not have theirs. He does this without thought and without expecting anything in return. Kevin is a generous young man who thanklessly provides for others when they need it.” Mr. Haezebrouck, Seventh Grade

Aurora Gonzalvo

“Aurora is very generous with everyone. She always offers to give her school supplies to the other students. Aurora always helps out in the classroom with extra duties. She is friendly and positive all of the time. If I need an extra set of hands during the day, she is willing to help out. Great work, Aurora!” -Mrs. Duhaime, Fourth Grade