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On Friday, January 10, Everest faculty and staff gathered at St. Daniel Catholic Church in Clarkston for their annual faculty and staff retreat. This year’s presenter known most often for solving HR issues and all sorts of other problems was business administrator, Cindi Carter. Cindi presented her Joyful Missionary Discipleship 101 Course throughout the day on Friday. The retreat covered themes from creation and the fall to redemption and our response. The retreat concluded with Mass and a time of private prayer.

High school dean of discipline Erin Van Wagoner shared with the group an experience of God’s love in her life. Every hand in the room was raised when the group was asked if they had experienced God during the retreat.

“This retreat was life-changing because I got lost in the beauty of the day, the beauty of who I was surrounded by, and the words that were spoken.” Catherine Smith, Advancement Director

Everest thanks St. Daniel for their hospitality and Culver’s of Clarkston for providing lunch for the group.