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Mountaineer Moments

Month: January 2020

Everest Collegiate High School

Ask Your Representative

The most recent episode of Independence Television’s Ask Your Representative featured Representative Andrea Schroeder. Representative Schroeder has been a fan of Everest sports sending congratulatory

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Everest Collegiate High School

What’s a Kroghssembly?

Following this winter’s EC assembly, a student shared that he or she came down to breakfast in a bit of a mood. A younger sibling

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Apostolic Activities

Serving Others Despite Storm

“International program girls were able to make lunches for the homeless in Detroit last weekend. Not only did it serve as a great bonding time

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Everest Academy

3B in the Lab

The third-grade boys made their own volcanoes and observed how volcanic eruptions cause weathering and erosion. The experiment was conducted several times with different food

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Everest Alumni

Alumni Share Lessons Learned

On Tuesday, January 7, Everest alumni Kersten Engle (Class of 2014)  and Grant Burgess (Class of 2018) visited the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. The

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International Blog

More than a Vacation

Weather in Rome in December can be unpredictable, but this Christmas the international students at Everest Collegiate High School & Academy found sunshine and warm

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