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The optional annual March for Life trip brought 49 EC students to Washington D.C. to join with hundreds of thousands of other high school and college students as well as families and individual who participate annual in the peaceful protest of Roe v. Wade. The trip is anything but comfortable or glamorous with departure late Wednesday evening through the night.  Thursday morning the students split into groups by grades and had a few hours to visit some museums.  This time concluded with Mass all together at the shrine of Pope John Paul II.

On Thursday evening the group participated in a holy hour for life, led by Regnum Christi members from D.C.  We then had a pizza dinner and participated in “Light up the City” street missions with other RC schools and groups. During the mission, students invited people on the streets to visit the church and light a candle.  Many of the students said the missions was their favorite part and had some really cool experiences!

Friday morning was early “rise and shine” and then off to the Capitol One Arena for a youth rally and Mass for life with thousands of other Catholics.  The apostolic nuncio, representative of the Holy Father, was there and delivered a message from Pope Francis.

During open mic on the way home, many of the students commented on how impactful and hopeful it was to see so many people – especially young people – united in the same cause.  It helped them think about how they can make a difference even while in high school.  During the street mission many of them saw how their witness to Christ and inviting others to come closer to him can and does make a difference; for several of the students the mission was the highlight of the trip. Through group also had the chance to see Fr. Daniel Pajerski, former EC formation director who now resides in D.C.

“I used to attend the March for Life with my family and stay in a hotel.  The past two years I’ve gone with EC, and it’s been harder because we sleep on the bus and a gymnasium floor.  I think we need suffering and pain to show that we’re fighting for the cause.” -Jack

“The March for Life always reminds me of something very personal to me: the gift of adoption.  I plan to do the March every year until Roe v. Wade is reversed.” -Aubrey

“I loved the street mission we did with Regnum Christi.  It was really cool to talk to random people on the street and invite them into the church.  I saw a guy we invited crying in the church.” -Johnny

“The March for Life is the best part of every year.  Each year I learn more about the cause and how I can make a difference.” -Rachel