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Since Everest Academy was founded in 1991, the corner office in the high school building downstairs hallway has been unofficially named the fishbowl. The office that has two walls of windows facing the hallways thus became a perfect viewing spot and home to EC marine biology’s new salt water fish tank.

The class researched used fish tanks to fit their budget, and, with some help from Dr. Stafford and Mr. Milosch, purchased the tank at the beginning of October. The tank is home to four inhabitants: fondly named George, Lenny, Chad, and Melvin. The tank is a work in progress but by the end of the school year the class hope to have a thriving coral reef tank.

The tanks location in the fishbowl allows for the viewing pleasure of all students, including academy students on their way to art, band, or gym. Even a few alumni stopped by over fall break!