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Where does forensics come from? Each year Everest Collegiate High School & Academy students participate in public speaking exhibitions and competitions. Yet, the word forensics is a bit confusing. The first association with the word for many may be forensic science and investigative shows on TV.

According to the Houston Chronicle, scholastic forensics competitions have existed  longer that high school football state championships – at least in Texas. Everest students practice the art of public speaking as early as first grade learning the skills of memorization, personal presentation, and the ability to stand up and present in front of a group of people. First through fifth-grade students who are the top in their classroom advance to a forensics exhibition in front of the grade level divisions. Middle school students advance to a final competition. Students’ final presentations are truly impressive and show the hard work, dedication, and the skills they have developed over years of practice. High school students will have their competition in the spring.

Mrs. Karen Beggs teaches middle school literature and her daughter Caroline was one of the eighth-grade finalists. “Their pieces were inspiring and funny, and they delivered them with true confidence. I couldn’t have been prouder of them. They go on to high school next year, and I have no doubt they will continue to excel academically while still being involved in sports, drama, and many other things! The best thing about them is that they are fierce competitors but they also support one another completely. It is a pleasure to teach them every day.”

1st Grade: Sean Leahy, Roman Valentino, Marco Attard, Landon Gantos
2nd Grade: Gianna Wolschleger, Drake Navarro, Ella Cross, Magnolia Heasley, Vinay Iyer, Emma Gulda
3rd Grade Girls: Allison Ivory, Olivia Rydesky, Angelina Fantin
3rd Grade Boys: Alejandro Gonzalvo, Victor Cronin, Chaz Boyer
4th Grade Girls: Carrie Walker, Sofia Arinez, Anamaria Valentino, Leightyn Sakalian
4th Grade Boys: Zekie Abraham, Joseph Moran, John Neme, Adam Tibudan
5th Grade Girls: Giselle Wolschleger, Aviannah Cronin, Emme Phyle
5th Grade Boys: Matthew Ivory, Mauricio Ramirez, Timothy Thibodeau

Middle School Girls:

  • Champion: Erin Carr
  • 2nd Place: Kathleen Thibodeau
  • 3rd Place: Mercedes Arinez

Middle School Boys:

  • Champion: Eduardo Cantu
  • 2nd Place: Xander Wolschleger
  • 3rd Place: Rafael Cuellar


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