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The middle school student council held their elections this month. Students ran for their positions through a week of campaign in which they put up posters and encouraged classmates to vote for them. Candidates then addressed the whole middle school with speeches prior to elections.

Middle School Boys

President: Joseph Wojciechowski

Vice President: Rafael Perez 

Secretary: Mauricio Alvarez

Treasurer: Matt Bautel

6B Representative: Nicholas Salbowski

7B1 Representative: Zach Felix

7B2 Representative: Rodrigo Tapia

8B Representative: Duncan Brown

Middle School Girls

President: Kathleen Thibodeau

Vice President: Tamara Abraham

 Secretary: Natalie Cross

Treasurer: Sarah Bradley

6G Representative: Zoe Abraham

7G Representative: Madelyn Krappmann, Abby Legg

8G Representative: Caroline Beggs

Congratulations to the middle school student council!

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