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A year ago, Mrs. Willertz’ freshmen biology classes explored the Everest campus in their lesson on isopods. Looking back on last year’s photos, the students have grown. The isopods are certainly different than a year ago. Mrs. Willertz’ lesson perhaps is very similar to last year’s lesson.

Any passerby in the woods headed to a back field or walking a trail certainly wouldn’t consider the isopods crawling underneath stumps and rocks. There is so much more than meets the eye, not only in the woods but also in every aspect of an Everest student’s life. The lesson on isopods is about much more than roly polies. It teaches students the scientific method, about ecosystems, and more. But the lesson also teaches them about critical thinking, study habits, teamwork, and much more. Of course, any class that involves a trip out into the woods is also just a lot of fun.