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Each year upperclassmen help guide the lowerclassmen’s annual retreat. Senior Colleen Walker along with senior Mary Beth Williams attended the 20-hour event with the freshmen girls last week. Colleen was happy to report the retreat met its goals. “The retreat was a definite success, but beyond success it was a beautiful opportunity for the girls to grow closer together and for us to bond with them. But even more importantly, through the retreat, they grew closer to the one person who will carry them through their high school years and their entire life: Jesus Christ.” 

Freshman Addyson Bautel shared her experience as well.  “We talked about “Forever Strong.” I realized  that God is always with us, especially when hearing the Dominican sisters talk and share a time when they were close to God and how they stayed close to God was really amazing.”

Kristina Moran added, “During adoration I felt really close to God; it was a moment of peace and comfort for me, and I think we all felt it. It felt like you and God alone in the room together.” 

Many thanks to formation coordinator Miss Jill Swallow and Miss Rose Wieber for planning another great event!