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Clarkston State Bank is pleased to be working with Everest Collegiate High School & Academy to provide Youth Savings Accounts through our Student Banking Program.  The purpose of CSB’s Student Banking Program is to teach children the importance of learning to save money.  A bank representative works together with Mrs. Nielson and the fifth-grade girls to create their own bank within the school. The bank will run once a month for the duration of the school year.  Elementary students are able to attend banking days to make deposits into their accounts.

Ms. Tricia Middleton came out from Clarkston State Bank this Thursday to introduce herself to the fifth-grade girls and explain what they will be doing as student bankers. Students learned about deposit slips and how to complete a receipt for any younger students making deposits. The fifth-grade girls are very excited about this opportunity to exercise their math skills and responsibility in this privilege unique to their class. Everest’s first banking day will be next Thursday. Thank you Ms. Middleton and Clarkston State Bank for this opportunity!