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A new calendar with new faces comes first, but then there is the information packet. It is hard not to feel a little robbed of the last weeks of summer when back-to-school tasks start to loom on the kitchen counter. There is so much to do. But it is beautiful outside, and we still aren’t over the lack of sunshine in June. The checklist seems never-ending. Here are some tips and perspectives from Everest faculty and staff as we transition back-to-school in the next few weeks.

“Change is good and routine is even better. Back-to-school always means getting back into new family routines – which helps to keep everyone focused.  Planning ahead with family calendar always worked for me!” – Kelly Loush, Admissions Director

“Going back to school is tied in my mind to going back to never-ending to-do lists and demanding tasks. What helps me to keep my peace is to remember what it’s all about: God working through all of us as an Everest team to show his love to others. This is the bigger mission that gives any checklist its meaning.” – Gaby Ruiloba, Middle School Formation Coordinator

“It helps me to take a moment – sometimes as simple as a deep breath – in between activities to remember why I’m doing what I’m doing and that God is with me.  My sister, mother of two very active boys, introduced me to the song “Breathe” by Jonny Diaz, and I highly recommend it!” – Jill Swallow, High School Formation Coordinator

“I always focus on the start of a fresh new school year. It’s easy for us to pick up where we left off and continue on. Take the time with your children to ask them what they think they did well last year and what they would like to improve on this year. The beginning of the school year is an opportunity to learn and grow from a new starting point.” -Mrs. Erin Van Wagoner, High School Dean of Discipline

“In the week before school begins, start easing yourself and your kids back onto a school sleep schedule. Get to bed earlier, and wake up earlier. Hopefully this will prevent the full-body shock that will rocket through your and your children when the alarm goes off at 6:00 A.M. on the first day of school. To be fair, I intend to do this every year, and every year I fail. (It’s summer break! Who wants to go to bed at 9:00 P.M. on these final glorious days?)

There’s a lot to keep track of. If you don’t have a family calendar – digital or otherwise – get one now. Keep track of important dates and tasks in a public place in your house. This can help spur communication and reminders, and help prevent that age-old argument from your husband that he didn’t know because you didn’t tell him. (Let’s be honest, you definitely told him.)” – Christina Krogh, High School Counselor

Academy principal Sue Ender reflected on her experience both as a mother and her years as a teacher and principal saying, “Accept the busyness of this season. It isn’t going to be a calm time because there is a lot going on. Get through the weeks of hustle, and look forward to the routine once school starts. Parents, plan something for yourself for the first week of school to take a breath after accomplishing all that back-to-school entails.”

We look forward to seeing all our families at next Friday’s back-to- school event and beginning the 2019-20 school year!


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