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The course catalog description for the “Non-Cognitive Skills” class mentions topics such as budgeting and personal finance, meal-planning and preparations, courtesy and manners, and more. There is no doubt that education has always been about much more than book learning. EC offers courses such as the non-cognitive skills course for that reason.

Learning outside of the self-evident topics of a given projects can be applied to pretty much any student activity at Everest as faculty and staff work with students to see the deeper meaning, the skills they can acquire, and the life lessons they can learn. This was true for the EC track team one day at practice.

It may have been the desire to skip warm-up laps or it may have been the goodness of their hearts but the EC track team was eager to help science teacher Mrs. Willertz when they ran by her as she began changing her flat tire one day after school. With each progressive lap, a few more runners dropped from the pack to help/learn how to change a tire.

Thanks Mrs. Willertz for the life skills lesson! Thanks Coach for letting us skip a few laps! And thank you runners for your charity!