Congratulations to the February Mountaineers of the Month! Our elementary students exemplified the virtue of the month of honesty. Honesty is when you speak the truth and act truthfully. It means people can rely on us because we are trustworthy. Honesty is saying what is true when safe and appropriate.

Our middle school students focused on integrity and authenticity. The virtue of integrity alludes to the adherence to certain moral standards. As a Catholic school that upholds a Judeo-Christian view of reality, we know that objective moral truth exists, and therefore, integrity is based on it. Authenticity speaks of being true to oneself and living in a way that is consistent with who a person is and what they believe in, no matter the circumstances or what other people say. Put together, these virtues emphasize how Everest students don’t simply strive for a goal that’s set for them but rather strive to make that standard their own conviction for life.

Brooks Robinson

Brooks is always faithful to practice the virtue of honesty. He is truthful when speaking with his friends or with his teachers. I can always count on Brooks to tell me the truth, and because of him being honest I trust what he tells me. I am very proud that even when it is not convenient or easy, Brooks speaks the truth. – Mrs. Ohlinger, Third Grade

Morgan Woodbury

Morgan is always so helpful and positive. She works hard on her school work and goes above and beyond in the classroom.  Morgan brings in supplies for other students to use.  If someone forgets a snack, she is the first to offer them something from her lunch.  Morgan is honest and a loyal friend to all of the students. – Mrs. Duhaime, Fourth Grade

James Williams

James exemplifies integrity by holding himself to a high standard in everything that he does.  He tries to do everything in the right way, and he inspires others to do the same.  He is a humble young man who accepts himself for who he is. – Mr. Haezebrouck, MS English & History